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RICHARD CLAYMAN's career has spanned 30 years as a writer, director, producer and actor in television, theater and film.  Richardhas written, directed, and wrote some 200 events, documentaries and specials, including RAMS and RAIDERS football, USC TROJAN football and basketball and DAVIS CUP tennis.  Richard received an Emmy nomination for THE JOHN ROBINSON SHOW, and also found time to continue broadcasting, hosting pre-game radio shows for the USC Football radio network and the WFL Southern California Sun.

Richard joined Norman Lear’s Embassy, Tandem and TAT Productions, working under the head of production.  Within a year, his boss had moved on and Richard again stepped in.  For the next 4 years, he headed production on such shows as ALL IN THE FAMILY, MAUDE, ONE DAY AT A TIME, THE JEFFERSONS, GOOD TIMES, SANFORD & SON, MARY HARTMAN MARY HARTMAN, FERNWOOD 2NIGHT, PALMERSTOWN USA, DIFF'RENT STROKES and THE FACTS OF LIFE.  He also produced, directed and wrote, including TV spots for Lear's PEOPLE FOR THE AMERICAN WAY.  As Vice President in Charge of Production, Richard was responsible for all series and pilots of what was at the time Hollywood’s biggest TV videotape production entity by far.

WHISTLESTOP GIRL, a 47-minute “short” written and directed by Richard and starring Anthony Geary of GENERAL HOSPITAL fame, won the Gold Award at Worldfest Houston and then became the surprise hit of the Independent Feature Film Market in New York.  Widescreen, black and white, taking place in 1963, literate – no wonder it was a surprise.  The New York Times called it “A home run,” and WHISTLESTOP GIRL turned out to be the only film out of over 400 at the IFFM which actually signed a distribution deal before the market’s end.

While continuing to write screenplays and coach a long list of successful actors, Richard turned to theater, directing his ROCKY MOUNTAIN SUNDAY at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.  The play garnered 11 Dramalogue Awards, including BEST DIRECTOR for Richard.  Following this, Richard co-wrote and directed VINCE: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF LOMBARDI, a one-man show starring John Pinero.  After a rave review by Mike Downey of the Los Angeles Times, VINCE sold out for 4 months in Los Angeles and has since toured the country, including the Super Bowl in New Orleans, the 2,000-seat Weidner Center in Green Bay, the 2,200-seat Civic Center in Madison, consecutive annual engagements at the 1,500-seat Pabst Theater in Milwaukee and the 2001 NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Ceremonies in Canton, Ohio.  During this period, Richard also produced and/or directed such TV series as IN THE NAME OF LOVE (Lifetime Cable), THE JERSEY (Disney Channel), THE CRAYON BOX (Random House/Polygram), the Showtime pilot HUTCHINGTON SQUARE (Chiodo Bros. Productions), the comedy pilot THE WASHINGTON-BYRNES REPORT (CNN), the live action/puppeteering pilots SKWIDS (Nickelodeon) and LUNCHTIME (Disney Channel) and, most recently, the initial two episodes of an exciting new DVD series, ANIMAL WOW.

Currently, Richard is especially excited about several new projects.  The hilarious one-woman show COOKIN' WITH A RIGHT SMART OF LOVE, a "Southern Kitchen Comedy Musical" starring Bobbi Jo Lathan and written by Lathan and Richard is being developed as DOWN HOME COOKIN’ WITH THE GRITZY GALS, a fun, new TV series starring Lathan and Edie Hand.  JIM MURRAY TONIGHT: THE WIT AND WISDOM OF “THE WORLD’S GREATEST SPORTSWRITER”, a humorous, moving, high-profile one-man show is currently being written and will be directed by Richard (who will also exec produce with Linda McCoy-Murray and Roy Firestone).  On the literary side, Richard has recently completed his first novel, based on his acclaimed play ROCKY MOUNTAIN SUNDAY.  Biopic screenplay TUCKING IN THE ENDS: THE STORY OF LEGENDARY JAZZ DRUMMER STAN LEVEY has recently been written by Richard, who is also working on a new novel - a fresh, fun look at the Arthurian Legends.  Richard has also completed a new book on acting, THE ACTOR’S TOOLBOX: THE ART OF CREATING LIFE and is developing exciting new software to accompany it.  You can read Richard’s sports column “CLAYMAN’S CORNER” each Monday at  Another screenplay, based on the extraordinary life of BILLY CARTER (President Jimmy’s infamous brother) is currently being penned by Brendan Vogel and Richard, with Richard to direct.


Television Directing and/or Producing Credits after Embassy/Tandem include: THE CAVANAUGHS (CBS), COWBOY JOE (pilot - ABC/Imagine Pictures TV); SHAPING UP (ABC/Paramount TV/James Brooks); 221B BAKER STREET (10 episodes); in Fiji and Australia, EMMA, QUEEN OF THE SOUTH SEAS, OPT miniseries with Barbara Carrera, Hal Holbrook, E.G. Marshall; THE MARCUS ALLEN SPECIAL (NBC); DECADES OF GREATNESS (NBC); a series of RAIDERS commercials; IN THE NAME OF LOVE (Lifetime series); SKWID ZONE (Nickelodeon series pilot); THE CRAYON BOX (Random House Ent./Polygram, National Syndication); THE JERSEY (The Disney Channel series); HUTCHINGTON SQUARE (Showtime Pilot); THE WASHINGTON-BYRNES REPORT (CNN Comedy Pilot), LUNCHTIME (Disney Channel) and ANIMAL WOW (DVD Series).  Television Writing Credits include PARADISE (CBS) and THE YOUNG RIDERS (ABC).


Theatre Credits include: Playwright/Director, ROCKY MOUNTAIN SUNDAY (Best Director Award, Dramalogue, Beverly Hills Playhouse); Playwright/Producer, TAKING OFF - AN EVENING AWAY FROM THE CITY (Dramalogue Award, Odyssey Theatre); Director, LOS GRANDES PESCADORES (Odyssey Theatre), Shaw's VILLAGE WOOING (Wilton Project), Tennessee Williams' THE LADY OF LARKSPUR LOTION (Wilton Project), COACHES (Dramalogue Award, Los Angeles Times "Best of the Weekend", Company of CharActors); THE PIT (Ventura Court), DIAMOND GIRLS (Hudson); Director/Co-Playwright, Bobbi Jo Lathan's COOKIN' WITH A RIGHT SMART OF LOVE (Whitefire Theatre) and John Pinero's acclaimed national one-man tour, VINCE, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF LOMBARDI ("**** Four Stars!", Green Bay Press-Gazette)


Film Credits include; Director/Writer/Producer, WHISTLESTOP GIRL (Worldfest Houston Gold Award), a short feature starring Anthony Geary; and DUKE, a feature presentation from Clayman's screenplay starring Peter Onorati.

You are never beaten, time just runs out on you. Fatigue makes cowards of us all. Mental toughness is essential to success. Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. I don't give a damn about statistics as long as we win. If you don't think you're a winner, you don't belong here. Confidence is contagious, so is lack of confidence. The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. The real glory is being knocked to your knees, then coming back. Competition builds stamina, character and aggressiveness. We will play every game to the hilt, with every ounce of fiber in our bodies. Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice, makes perfect. The quality of life is a full measure of your personal commitment to excellence and victory. Leadership is not a quality, but rather a blend of qualities, and each man must develop his own blend to be successful. Success rests not only on ability, but upon commitment, loyalty and pride. Some of us will do our job well, some of us will not, but we will be judged by one thing, the results. If you never settle for anything but your best, you'll be surprised what you can accomplish. Leaders are made, not born, and they are made like everything else is made. They are made by hard effort. Character is the result of two things, mental attitude and the way we spend our time. The will is character in action. The successful man is honest with himself. Our greatest glory is not in falling, but in rising every time we fall. Mental toughness is essential to success. Somewhere deep down there is a burning desire to excel, and if you believe that, then pack your bags and get the hell out of here. Dancing is a contact sport, football is a hitting sport. Leadership should extend further than your company. You can't always be first, but you have to believe you should have been. You are never beaten, time just runs out on you.

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